Winter Sports Are Back in Business


By Sarah Brunskill

WE are back. We are getting back into the groove with school and we just finished off our fall sports with very successful seasons. As the snow rolls in, so do our indoor sports. We have basketball, bowling, cheerleading, ice hockey, indoor track, wrestling, and boy’s swimming, and all are ready to have great seasons.

Last year many of our indoor sports were canceled because of Covid-19. In fact, some of our athletes didn’t play because of Covid. Coming back from a season of unexpected chaos, I asked the athletes what they think their season will look like this year. 

Last year, indoor track didn’t have a season. The team faces their first year in a covid restricted season. Jessie Root said, “We will be able to have meets but have to wear masks the entire time, unfortunately.” Soleil Zgoda added, “It looks a little different in terms of masks, but other than that it’s pretty similar.” 

Our indoor cheer team didn’t have a season last year as well. Isabella Docker mentionsed how she thinks the season will be “very different. We will actually have a winter season this year.” And Deanna Jacobi said, “I think it will be pretty normal with some restrictions, including masks and limited spectators.” 

The sports that did have a season last year are able to compare this year to last year as our restrictions begin to loosen a little bit. Marissa Meyer, who is on the bowling team, said, “I think it will be better than last year but still have guidelines in place to keep us safe (which I have no problem with),” and Sabrina

Burker, who is also on the bowling team added, “It’s looking like a great season ahead! The team is just so fun and I cannot wait for the rest of the year!” The bowling team is excited to be back and a successful season is right up their alley. 

Kate Richter is back on the ice, hockey, (she didn’t play last year due to covid), she adds, “I think it will be a normal season.”

Having spectators at games and meets seems to be a common factor among the Williamsville East athletes. Braden Cowell, swim, said that the season will be “a lot better due to the fact we are allowed to have spectators and in-person meets instead of virtual.” Ben Keim, swim, added, “I’m looking forward to this year’s season, we have a great team and everyone’s excited. I’m by far not the best, but we have some great swimmers this year, looking forward to going undefeated.” Jake Heater, wrestling, thinks that, “it will be the best outcome for the complications we have to deal with regarding covid.”  Brielle Wark, a varsity basketball player, says, “I feel that our season will be almost back to completely normal.” Brielle’s teammate, Isabella Gunsalus adds how she feels the season will look. “I think this season will be a big comeback season for the WE girls basketball program as many players have been working hard on the off season preparing for our time to bring the heat.” 

The teams are optimistic about this year’s season. As Isabella Gunsalus put it, they are ready to bring the heat. I also asked the athletes what they felt would make this season better or worse than previous years. Jessie Root, indoor track, said, “It’ll be better than last year because we didn’t even get an indoor track season last year, but it’ll be worse than the years prior to last because of the running with masks on.” Isabella Docker, cheer, hopes that,”…it will be better, having fans there will be exciting. Giuliana Jackson, basketball, said, “My entire team is all very close friends, and we are just a very close team. Also, I don’t think Covid is going to ruin the season.”

All in all our sports are very important to Williamsville East and our athletes go all in no matter the conditions they are under, especially through the past couple of seasons they’ve been given. All seem to be hopeful for a promising 2021-2022 winter season.


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