Williamsville East Prepares for AP Exams Amidst New Changes


    by Carly Riter

    After the unprecedented AP exam format and schedule of 2020, the College Board and Williamsville School District prepare for some semblance of normalcy this 2021 exam season. Exams will be administered this year in three separate administrations spanning from early May to mid June, and will take place mostly in the upper gym. College Board left it up to individual school districts to decide which tests will be administered when. The district decided that all hybrid students will be expected to take their AP exams during the first administration from May 3rd to May 17. Remote students can expect a survey asking them whether or not they are able to come into the building to take in-person exams. According to Miss Gentile, Williamsville East’s AP Coordinator, students opting to take the exam remotely must take the first digital offering.

    Unlike last year, students will be tested on the entire curriculum of their course. Although the details are still unknown, AP Calculus BC and AP Statistics teacher Mrs. Yermas says that we can be sure that the digital exam will be,  “very different than the usual exam we have been preparing for.” Specifically to remote students, Dr. Redmond, the AP United States Government and Politics teacher, says “I think students taking the exam at home have the added burden of submitting their work virtually which could always introduce some error.” He advises East’s remote students who are taking home exams to thoroughly familiarize themselves with the digital process well in advance of their exam.

    However there are no digital offerings for foerign language exams. This introduces some complications for fully remote senior Maggie Meosky who is taking AP French Language and Culture. She says, “I can’t take the AP French exam most likely because I won’t be vaccinated … so I don’t know what I’m gonna have to do there, but that’s a bit of an issue.” The college board decided not to offer foreign language digital exams for security reasons.

    For more information on your exam schedule, continue to check your WITS mail as well as the College Board website.


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