By Allen Gelfond

Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of everything that is going on. It’s time to shed some light on what’s planned for NHS.

According to Mr. Meyer, Williamsville East math teacher (and now father to two kids!), NHS will hold a meeting at the end of March with hopes of a ‘Kids Escaping Drugs’ bowling event occurring in April or May. There’s also potential for a NHS sponsored 5K race to occur in May (more details coming soon).

Eligible juniors are already in the NHS induction process and interested underclassmen should be working on volunteer hours and showing leadership and service dedication.

Henry Su, NHS vice president recommends that interested juniors and underclassmen prepare for NHS by getting “involved in some way in their community,” finding a “way to do some basic community outreach,” and participating in an “extracurricular they are really passionate about.” Henry went on to explain that if interested underclassmen and juniors get themselves involved extensively in something that they are genuinely enthusiastic about, it can help them get a foothold on the leadership skills necessary for doing something like NHS officer duties. One also needs two leadership positions to qualify for NHS induction. Henry explained that he was heavily involved in Newspaper Club and Asian Culture Club and that those commitments helped him be prepared for his role as NHS vice president.

NHS is more than just an achievement one can add to their resume, it can also be both a fun and meaningful experience. NHS gives students the opportunity to work together with peers to try to make their community a better place.

Celine Wang explains, “For NHS, I’ve been to all the meetings and “induction” as well as the Valentine’s Day card event and the winter holiday cards with Girl-Up. So far I really liked making the valentines for the elementary school; I haven’t done that since maybe fourth grade and it felt really nostalgic working on it. Plus I hope we get a response back from them!”

Gavin MacLean summarizes his experience as well saying that, “NHS has allowed me to help my community and get involved in volunteering opportunities!”


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