By Sydney Fitzsimmons and Jonah Ruddock

The East’s Varsity Boys’ tennis team has had a successful season so far. Led by Coach Monkarsh, they have worked very hard and put in a lot of time to be where they are today. Due to the socially distanced nature of tennis, the team only faced minor setbacks due to COVID-19 and were able to play out most of their season.

Today we look closer into the experiences of three Williamsville East Tennis players: Seth Gellman, Shawn Gupta, and Dunura Kahandawalaarachchi to learn more about our tennis team and see how tennis has affected their lives. From their most successful moment to the difficulties of balancing schoolwork, practices, and games these tennis players have immense focus and dedication both on and off the court. Holding high grades and being involved in extracurricular activities as well as tennis shows huge responsibility and time management.

The tennis team has brought them all together from a common interest and formed meaningful bonds throughout the team. The players personal and team goals have been set high this year, winning the league as well as sectionals, and beating Starpoint’s first doubles team. Go Flames!