Unity in Diversity is Back!

Unity in Diversity's 2022 performance.

By Shriya Gandham

Diversity is prominent within East’s walls. About 30% of the students at East are considered minorities, and a significant proportion of students have immigrated from other countries in recent years. Each culture, ethnicity, and nationality perceives things in their own unique way, and the fusion of these diverse perspectives within East’s walls can facilitate creativity and result in great things being achieved!

Unity in Diversity is a cultural club started in 1995 at East. Through this club, the students of East can showcase their culture and appreciate the cultures of their peers through various cultural performances like dances, music, martial arts, etc. The mission of Unity is to increase acceptance and appreciation of differences in hopes of promoting tolerance and inclusion within our student body and community. Since its establishment, East’s diversity has skyrocketed, and in the past 3 years, Unity paraded the culture of Afghanistan, Mexico, Greece, India, Korea, China, Japan, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, and Argentina through dances, music, and other forms of art during school-wide assemblies. This year, the club plans on representing even more cultures that subsist within East’s walls!