Introducing Ms. Aroune, East’s New Music Teacher

Photo by Jasmitha Keesara

By Shaurya Chutke

Ms. Aroune teaches music classes at East, and she makes learning enjoyable for everyone.

In her music theory class, she always helps students make sure they fully understand the material. She said that she developed a love for music at a young age, as she started playing both piano and violin at the age of 3. She really shows how she understands the material she teaches and ensures that all of her students feel welcome, making every day in her class fun while also offering a great learning experience.

Ms. Aroune used to work at the restaurant Buffalo 716 for 3 years, before working as a music teacher in Tonawanda Middle School and a charter school for young kids. She said that she wanted to teach high school chorus because anyone can sing, no matter who they are, and decided to come to East.

She went to Canisius and majored in biology before deciding that wasn’t right for her. After that, she decided to pursue her dreams and study music, which she really enjoyed. Thus, she transferred to UB and volunteered at Buffalo String Works, teaching kids how to play the violin.

Ms. Aroune also has a dog named Daphne, whom she enjoys going on walks with at the park. She was a rescue poodle. Ms. Aroune also loves to cook Italian cuisine, and she enjoys going to restaurants and trying a wide variety of foods.

Ms. Aroune also did many things related to music outside of education; she played accompaniment in college, helped organize June in Buffalo — a festival celebrating contemporary composers — and conducted at Oxford. Overall, Ms. Aroune makes learning a fun and interesting experience for all students to enjoy. She is a great teacher to have at East.