Top 10 Quarterbacks from Weeks 1 to 3

Source: Turf Show Times

By Kevin Bland, Elijah Silverman, and Vasili Aggelis

For a lack of better words, the National Football League has gotten off to a wild start. Matthew Stafford’s journey with the Los Angeles Rams began with an impressive performance over the Chicago Bears, while Josh Allen underperformed against the Steelers. Tyrod Taylor, a former Bills’ quarterback, exceeded expectations in Week 1, yet he suffered a hamstring injury in Week 2. The highs and lows of Lamar Jackson’s Ravens, and the lows and highs of Aaron Rodgers’ Packers were all involved in a jam-packed Week 1. The NFL’s unpredictability may be difficult to keep track of, but we will be here, giving you the ten best quarterbacks of the week. Here are the National Football League’s best quarterbacks after an exciting Week 3.

  #10: Josh Allen  

After a rough Week 1 outing against a strong Steelers defense, Josh Allen seems to be on his way back to the top of the quarterback pyramid. A 35-0 road win over the Dolphins was impressive; however, Allen did not look at full strength, as he only threw for 179 yards and two touchdowns. During his Week 3 showing against a top-5 Washington defense, he played his best football of the season, throwing for 4 touchdowns and 358 yards. He also ran in a score. If Josh Allen continues to play at this level, he will only get higher on this list. Moreover, he dropped 248 yards and 2 touchdowns against a weak Texans defense in Week 4. 

#9: Dak Prescott

 After a strong start to last season, Dak Prescott fractured his ankle, sidelining him for the rest of the 2020-2021 campaign. This season, Prescott has picked up from where he left off. He has already thrown for 1066 yards in four games, proving his ability to be the Cowboys’ quarterback of the future. Still young and improving, Prescott will continue to make the Dallas Cowboys a Super Bowl contender for years to come. 

#8: Lamar Jackson 

The best “running” quarterback since Michael Vick, Lamar Jackson’s talents have not gone unnoticed. Jackson is a perfect fit for the high-powered Ravens offense. Lamar has achieved success on the ground, and he has a strong ability to pass. However, he does not have the weapons that Josh Allen or Patrick Mahomes have. Marquise Brown, the cousin of Buccaneers’ receiver Antonio Brown, is his best weapon, and their connection can lead the team to victory. Some may say that winning on a 66-yard field goal is good luck. This is just another example of Lamar Jackson making the best with what he has. He was able to get his team into field goal range, leading to Justin Tucker’s game-winning kick. Lamar Jackson is close to unstoppable, and he has put the National Football League on high alert. They don’t call him “Action Jackson” for nothing!

#7: Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins’ Vikings have had a mediocre start to the season. A tough Week 1 defeat by the Bengals gave them their first loss, even though Cousins played great, throwing for 351 yards and two touchdowns. Week 2’s matchup against the Arizona Cardinals looked like a win for the Vikings, but a botched field goal gave them their second consecutive loss. Once again, Cousins played exceptionally well, throwing for 244 yards and three touchdowns. In Week 3 against the Seahawks, Kirk and his men showed up. Cousins threw for 323 yards and three touchdowns in his victory over Russell Wilson. Although the Vikings lost in week 4, Kirk still ended up having a great game with 203 yards and one touchdown.  He has provided the Vikings with a complete package and if the Vikings defense improves, this team can be dangerous to the rest of the NFL.

#6: Patrick Mahomes 

Patrick Mahomes is the craziest talent to enter the National Football League in years. In his four-year career, Mahomes has already won the NFL’s “Most Valuable Player” award, and he is the MVP and winner of Super Bowl LIV. This season, however, he has not been the same. He is still one of the NFL’s elite, making him the sixth best quarterback on this list. He has had an issue with turnovers this season, yet he is still the most valuable person to the Kansas City Chiefs’ organization. He has thrown for 1218 yards through the first four weeks of the season. Patrick Mahomes is due for a huge game in Week 5.

#5: Russell Wilson

When one first looks at the Seattle Seahawks, he or she may wonder the reason Wilson is on this list. His stats, on the other hand, prove his ability to be one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. In a Week 1 win over a strong Indianapolis defense, he threw for four touchdowns and 254 yards. In Week 2, he continued to put up strong numbers, as he had 343 yards and two touchdowns. Wilson struggled in Week 3, throwing for 298 yards and a touchdown. Nevertheless, he ranked first in yards per attempt and quarterback rating, while being sixth in touchdowns with seven after week 3. Wilson also had a good week 4 performance with 149 yards and two touchdowns.

#4: Kyler Murray

Having started 4-0, Kyler Murray’s Cardinals are on track for a “breakout” season. During a blowout against the Titans in Week 1, Murray threw for 289 yards and four touchdowns. In a competitive matchup against the Vikings, Murray threw for 400 yards, three touchdowns, and two interceptions. Facing the Jaguars in Week 3, he threw for 316 yards, and he had a rushing touchdown. Kyler Murray ranked third in passing yards with 1,005 and third in yards per attempt with 9.9 after week three. Moreover, Murray had a dazzling performance with 268 yards and two touchdowns handing the Rams their first loss. In addition, Murray’s three rushing touchdowns rank him first among quarterbacks. If his interception rate declines, Kyler Murray may be the best quarterback in the NFL by the end of this season.

#3: Derek Carr

Derek Carr has been a talented quarterback in the National Football League for years. This year, however, he is playing at a league-best level, and the Las Vegas Raiders’ record reflects his fantastic start. Carr leads the league in passing yards with 1,203, and he has thrown for six scores. Last season, Derek Carr threw for 4,103 yards in 16 games; if he maintains the level he is currently playing at, he will reach that number by Week 13. Throughout his career, analysts have given Derek Carr and the Raiders high expectations. This season, he is greatly exceeding them. Carr is displaying his ability to play at an MVP-like level. Derek Carr can now hang with the big boys!

#2: Tom Brady

There is not much to say about the “Greatest Of All Time”. He has seven Super Bowl victories and five Super Bowl MVP awards, along with numerous other accolades. Focusing on this season, Brady is second in yards thrown with 1,356, and has broken the all-time record. He ranks first in passing attempts, touchdowns, and completions after week 3. Tom Brady, as always, will become more dangerous as the season progresses. Will he extend his ring collection to eight? We will have to wait and see!

#1: Matthew Stafford

Matthew Stafford has been the biggest success of the offseason. Stafford’s Rams just defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, establishing themselves as Super Bowl contenders. As the first overall pick in 2009, many called him a huge miss for the Detroit Lions. In fact, all he needed was a change of scenery. With a strong team around him, Matthew Stafford is playing like the best quarterback in the NFL. He should be considered this season’s MVP favorite.

Honorable Mention #1: Justin Herbert

Justin Herbert’s Chargers have gotten off to a great start. Their strong win against Washington and surprising defeat over the Chiefs place them at a 2-1 record. Herbert currently ranks fourth in yards thrown with 956 and second in completions with 88. In his win against Kansas City, he threw for four touchdowns, including two in a meaningful fourth quarter, solidifying his position as a top-15 quarterback.

Honorable Mention #2: Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers are now back on track, winning their Week 2 and 3 matchups. Although having a difficult game against the Saints in Week 1, Rodgers has done pretty well this season. Doubts over his commitment to the team push him out of the top 10.

Honorable Mention #3: Joe Burrow

Joe Burrow’s return from injury has been impressive. After suffering a torn ACL and MCL at the end of last season, many had hoped that Burrow would strive to be great, while continuing to maintain his health. So far, Joe Burrow has done a great job at doing both. Burrow’s strong start to the season puts him just out of the top 10.

After a crazy three weeks, these are your ten quarterbacks. This list is dynamic. It will change throughout the season. Some QB’s will fall, others will improve, while new ones will likely be added. To be ranked on this list, the QB must complete passes, not drop balls, have few interceptions, and many more touchdowns, but most importantly they must WIN,WIN,WIN!


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