Taylor Swift’s Captivating “All Too Well”


By Colleen Meosky

Nine years after its debut, Taylor Swift has re-released her fourth studio album, Red(Taylor’s Version), the second of album of hers to be rerecorded. Much to her fans’ excitement, Swift has included eight songs she excluded from the original copy to fit the mold of her former record label, not because they were lower quality. Along with a short film and a music video, the thirty track album has proved to be an immediate success hitting #1 on Billboard. Most importantly, Swift has released the full, original copy of her masterpiece “All Too Well”, which has been the request of fans for years.

Swift wrote and directed “All Too Well: The Short Film” to take a deeper dive into her ultimate breakup song that has captured fans’ hearts since 2012. The production explains a wild, youthful romance that left Swift heartbroken when her boyfriend ends their serious relationship out of nowhere, citing their age gap as too great of an obstacle. Left with little explanation, actress Sadie Sink portrays how Swift  initially blames herself before realizing the toxic ways she’d been treated by her boyfriend, played by Dylan O’Brien. 

Image from www.taylorswift.com

Furthermore, the song’s newly released version is 10:13, nearly five minutes longer than the 2012 version. In the new lyrics, Swift reveals that she was stood up on her 21st birthday and despite it being his excuse to dump her, her ex continued to date women much younger than him. Swift sings, “And I was never good at telling jokes but the punch line goes/I’ll get older but your lovers stay my age”. 

This new information seems to prove the popular theory that actor Jake Gyllenhaal, whose sister confirmed his relationship with Swift, was the man she refers to. Gyllenhaal is now 40 years old and is known for still dating women in their early twenties, as Swift explains. With the newly released content on the album, the gravity of Swift’s break up has been unearthed.