Encanto, a magical movie

Source: movies.disney.com

By Sarah Brunskill

Looking for a good family friendly movie to watch with your family over the holidays? 

If you are, grab some soft blankets, a cup of hot cocoa and settle down to watch the new Disney movie, Encanto. It is a sweet movie with songs written by Lin Manuel Miranda. So don’t throw away your shot to watch this new movie about a very special family. 

Hidden in the mountains lived a family, the Madrigals. Encanto is the small village that the family lives in and it is protected by magic. This magic was given to the family after a horrible tragedy. This magic blessed every child within the family with a special gift except for the young Mirabel. Throughout the movie she struggles with the fact that she never received a gift. However, she discovers that the magic surrounding Encanto is in danger and is determined to save the magic and her family.

Encanto is about family, belonging and acceptance. It is a story about the burden of expectations, especially with expectations we put on ourselves and we place on others. Throughout the movie Mirabel struggles with these themes and in the end she learns to accept herself and help her family. 

The music within the movie is upbeat and a show tune style. Lin Manuel Miranda’s music helps blend the story of the Madrigal family, Colombian culture, and magic through his music. 

Watching this movie is definitely worth the time and is an even better experience with your own family. Encanto is in theaters now. Currently, you can’t stream Encanto and it is set to become available to stream on Disney Plus at no added cost on Dec. 24, at midnight.