Spider-Man: No Way Home Review-No spoilers here!

Source: IMDb


By Thza Kanapathipillai

The MCU’s latest installment of the Spider-Man series is finally out. When people said that they were “not okay” after watching the movie, I finally understood why when I watched it over the weekend. So yes, I am not okay. 

The second movie, Spider-Man Far From Home, ended with Mysterio revealing Spider-Man’s identity as Peter Parker. Then, of course, Peter Parker’s whole world gets turned upside down once again as MJ and Ned get swept up in the chaos as well. Peter can’t balance this double-life he’s living, one as Spider-Man and the other as Peter Parker, and with the world knowing he’s both. He turns to the all-powerful Doctor Strange for help, but surprise, surprise, it did not turn out the way he had wanted it to.

Because Tom Holland must reprise his role as the eternal teenager, he captures this aspect of Spider-Man as the dorky kid and his quippy manner of talking into the lovable Peter Parker. But let’s not forget Zendaya’s take on MJ, a female lead strong in her own right and her own brand of quirkiness, which makes her, well, real. Finally, Jacob Batalon as Ned, the most underrated and lovable character, whose humor makes the movie, in my opinion. 

The visual effects, action scenes, a first-person perspective of the “Peter tingle,” the altering of the fabric of reality, create such a purely entertaining movie. And with a tangled web (See what I did there?) of universes, characters, messy situations, and emotionally loaded scenes, you definitely won’t want to miss this one. I rate it five webs out of five!