Has Hollywood Really Turned their Back on Problematic People?

Source: Wikipedia

By Thza Kanapathipillai

Aren’t problematic actors, with serious allegations of scandals that have come to surface, still benefiting from Hollywood? Despite the so-called Hollywood blacklist (that is not exactly official), are actors still being found in cast lists?

To have a leading actor be met with serious allegations means having to cancel an entire investment in a film. But, filmmakers are aware of the repercussions of continuing to include “canceled” celebrities in their movies, so why take the risk? That’s why Hollywood is safeguarding. This industry is unpredictable–when actors are caught in a slew of scandals, the entire production of the film may be done for. Though, there are some exceptions. 

Jeremy Renner has been met with disturbing allegations that range from homophobia to his abusive behavior toward his wife and daughter. Disney reportedly ‘considered replacing’ the Hawkeye star in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. James Franco has had allegations of sexual misconduct against him that go as far back to 2014, but he has starred in movies released as late as 2019, even in the wake of the MeToo movement. These men, and many other celebrities, have repeatedly denied allegations against them. Where does Hollywood draw the line when it comes to predatory celebrities? Do they need hard-shell proof before they can make a decision? 

Social media has a huge role in this as online platforms allow digital traces of problematic behavior to come to light and victims to broadcast their voices while speaking truth to power. In this era of communication, there is no room for Hollywood to sneak their way out of situations that involve their leading actors. For Hollywood, it’s a waiting game–the next scandal is unpredictable but filmmakers have to be ready to act and respond in the best possible way.