Sources of Strength Valentine’s Day Campaign


By Philip Baillargeon

Source: WEHS SOS

Sources of Strength is hoping to spread messages of love and strength during this Valentine’s Day season. For this campaign, students (remote and hyflex) are invited to fill out hearts with the name of a mentor that they admire from Williamsville East’s fantastic staff. These hearts will be posted outside of the Guidance Office to make a wonderful display that captures the love we have for our community.

For students taking classes in person, please stop by the Guidance Office to fill out a heart with the name of the staff member you wish to recognize and a message. For students that are taking classes remotely, be on the lookout for a Google Form to be sent in Ally Meetings so you can send your message remotely. You may include your name or send the message anonymously.

In the middle of the winter, a time that can be difficult under normal circumstances and incredibly trying during these stressful times, it is important to let others around us know that we appreciate their efforts in helping us learn and grow. Please consider filling out a heart and joining our display of love, hope, and strength. 


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