Cook it up with the Flavors of East Cookbook


    By Sarah Brunskill

    Spice this year up with the Flavors of East cookbook and take the flavors of our community to your dinner table! Flavors of East is an opportunity for our students, families, faculty, and local restaurants to come together in celebration of our diversity through food. This year, while we are not physically able to come together in person, we can be together through our meals. The Flavors of East cookbook is full of recipes from teachers, staff, and especially the students of Williamsville East. 

    Flavors of East is an annual event celebrating each other’s ethnic or cultural heritage. Last year, Flavors of East featured 30 tables and more than 20 foods from around the world. There was food from cultures in Mexico, Peru, Greece, Ireland, Turkey, and France. Everyone was able to try a variety of foods from different backgrounds. You allowed yourself to learn more about your community and the different backgrounds of those around you through food.

    This year, since we aren’t able to be together in person, we are putting together a collection of recipes to create a Flavors of East virtual cookbook.

    To make this book almost as special as the WIlliamsville East Community, send in some of your family recipes! Help take this cookbook to the next level with a special recipe from your home to ours. If you know your friends might or definitely have a recipe that they love, ask them to share their recipes too!

    Sharing your food from a range of different backgrounds is so important for the community to share. It’s a way you can get to know different cultures. Every recipe in the book carries a story about someone in the community and their heritage. 

    So, share a recipe representing your ethnic or cultural heritage, along with a few words about the cultural and/or familial significance behind your recipe. For your recipe, you may also submit a picture of your prepared food item and/or a short video clip, if you would like to! In time, the book will be available to all East families.  

    Then, you can bring out your inner chef and try to make something from the cookbook to share with family. Trying new foods will help bring you, your family, friends, and the entire East community come together. 

    Celebrating each other’s ethnic and cultural heritage is important, so use this link to share your recipe. 

    If you have any questions, you may reach out to Mrs. Taberski at (716) 626-8418 or via email at


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