By Mrs. Bailey

I want to thank Mrs. Lederman for her kind words and recognition of the Torch. Kathi makes me a better teacher and her care and compassion for the students extends far beyond our classroom. I am blessed to have her in my life.

For those of you who sent me such kind messages, thank you simply does not fully express what your words meant to me. I sincerely believe that what we do, truly takes a village.

Choosing one person when so many people are deserving was difficult. The person I chose was one who first came to my mind when I thought about the characteristics of the Torch.  

The next recipient of the Torch is Social Studies’ own, Ms. Calleri.

Ms. Calleri inspires us all with her enthusiasm, her dedication to her students, and her willingness to always take the time to help others. Her extraordinary lesson plans infused with impressive technology engages students and makes learning fun.

She motivates students to get involved in school activities, encouraging them to make the most of their high school experience. You will see Ms. Calleri wearing her East gear on Friday’s infusing in her students a sense of pride in our school.

South may have discovered Ms. Calleri, but we proudly call her one of our own. She has made our department stronger with her incredible background knowledge at every grade level from freshmen in Global I to seniors in Government and Economics. Department conversations that involve Ms. Calleri are beyond entertaining with her repertoire of fun and bizarre facts, depression era recipes and/or sentences that start with “what do you think if…”

I am honored to call her my colleague and my friend. Please help me in congratulating Ms. Calleri!


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