Passing the Torch: Mrs. Bailey


By Mrs. Lederman

I want to start by thanking everyone for their kind words after I was chosen to receive the TORCH award.  Thank you especially to Mrs. Mahaney, one of the kindest people I know. 

I would like to pass the TORCH to a strong, compassionate and caring person, someone that I have had the pleasure to co-teach with for 15 going on 16 years–Mrs. Bailey.  Mrs. Bailey does so much for East and all of our students.  She is an advocate for students at all levels.  The connections she makes changes lives; students know that they can count on her support no matter what.  Though this year has been a difficult one, you would not know it by the way Mrs. Bailey has seamlessly adjusted everything she does.  Our remote and in person students are engaged and finding success due to Mrs. Bailey’s hard work and dedication. 

Mrs. Bailey and I are in class together two periods a day and I look forward to seeing her and her bright smile every day.  We have gotten to the point that we finish each other’s sentences and sometimes even dress alike (not on purpose!).  I feel truly blessed to work with such an amazing teacher and friend.  Join me in congratulating Mrs. Bailey! 


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