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The Next Best Pokémon Game? -Game Review: Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon
Gabrielle Kennelly

In 2016, Nintendo and Gamefreak launched Pokémon Sun and Moon for their 20 year anniversary. This year, the release for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon is scheduled for November 17. Game Freak revealed that the game will be an alternate story in the same world as Pokémon Sun and Moon. Like the previous game, Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon will be placed in Alola, a setting similar to Hawaii. The story will be based on the legendary Pokémon Necrezoma and its connection to Solgaleo and Lunala. By traveling through an Ultra Wormhole, you can reach Ultra Megatropolis, a world where the light has been stolen by Necrezoma, the most mysterious Pokémon from the seventh-gen games.

The Ultra Recon Squad wants to profit off of this disaster, looking for the auras emanating from the most powerful Pokémon trainers, most likely including the player’s character. In Ultra Sun, you take on Dulse and Zossie; in Ultra Moon, you are challenged by Soliera and Phyco.

There are also new Pokémon introduced, including new Ultra Beasts, the Pokémon-like entities that pass through Ultra Wormholes, causing trouble in Sun and Moon. The three new Ultra Beasts are: the poison-type, code-named UB Adhesive, the fire/ghost-type, code-named UB Burst, and the rock/steel-type, code-named UB Assembly.

There are many new areas on the map to explore in the game, including the Valley of Pikachu, as well as cool new features. Learn to surf the Pokémon, Mantine, like a pro by pulling off great moves and competing for the highest score. Take great photos with the Alola Photo Club. You can choose your outfit, the Pokémon you want to appear with, the angle, and the background to take the perfect picture.

With all of this new information, it is easy to get excited for the release of Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon. You also can get a special Rockruff if you order the game before January 10. Do you think Nintendo and Gamefreak will top Pokémon Sun and Moon with these new games? We’ll have to find out on November 17.


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