NFL’s Top Five Quarterbacks

Source: The Ringer

By Elijah Silverman

5. Lamar Jackson: is one of the best all around athletes in the modern NFL era. I believe that he is the best running QB in NFL history. Michael Vick was great, but at this point, Lamar is just too good. After a terrific week 2 and a terrific few seasons, there’s not much more you can say. Lamar has a great arm, he has wheels for feet, and he has the ability to put you on skates in a second. Lamar definitely deserves to be in the top 5. 

4. Justin Herbert: is one of the toughest players in the sport. He is the best player on the Chargers, and he is also one of the best in the whole league. He passes the ball very well with a cannon for an arm, and he can make some crazy plays. Herbert is a real candidate for MVP, but people are just not looking at him that way. It will be interesting to see how well he plays the rest of this season. 

3. Tom Brady: is the GOAT. The greatest to ever play the sport. He is a legend, and he is still a great quarterback so after 22 seasons and 2 games. Tom Brady is still a top 3 quarterback.

2. Patrick Mahomes: has been sensational in his career. He wins with anyone, and that is crazy. Put him on the Jags right now; they are an immediate playoff team. Mahomes is the definition of a game changer; he is the definition of greatness and the definition of a winner. Mahomes has earned his value at number 2. 

1. Josh Allen: is the best NFL player in the league right now. He has the best arm, the best team, and he has the best weaponry right now. Josh looks great, and every season he gets better. He makes video game type plays, and no one else can play like him. He looks unstoppable this season, and that definitely won’t change any time soon. Josh is poised for a superbowl, and that is the one thing he needs to become the new face of the NFL.