NFL Rookie Rankings

Source: ClutchPoints

By Elijah Silverman

6.  Ahmad Gardner: is starting off really slow, and it isn’t great. Only 7 tackles in 2 weeks for a rookie who was supposed to be a future Hall of Famer and maybe one of the greatest corners to ever play. I wouldn’t worry too much about “Sauce”. Struggle normally does happen for players transitioning into professional sports. I believe we are still looking at a generational talent in Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner. 

5. Chris Olave: has started off at a normal speed. Nothing crazy, but immediately showing he is a new weapon to be used. He isn’t playing great, but he isn’t playing bad either. He is an above average receiver on a below average team. That’s all we really know about Olave right now. 

4. Travon Walker: was the number 1 overall draft pick in this year’s NFL draft, and he looks like a solid pickup. He isn’t breaking out and becoming some household name, but he also isn’t doing that bad either. He is kind of quietly becoming a solid NFL player who isn’t actually going to be that good or bad. I believe he will have a decent year this year and a mediocre career will follow. He will be someone the Jags will be happy with for years to come, maybe they will stick with him for a while. 

3. Aiden Hutchenson: is lighting it up, he has 3 sacks and 5 tackles. The tackles could of course be higher but 3 sacks is crazy, in 2 games for a rookie? Not unheard of but uncommon for sure. I am very excited to see what he has in store for football fans for the next 10 to 15 years. 

2. Garrett Wilson: is a monster. A great player on a not so great team. He is a bright spot, and the fact that he has started his career off this well and not even been an official starter yet is scary. Garrett Wilson has proven his worth to the Jets as an organization; now let’s hope he isn’t wasted there. 

1. Drake London: is an X-factor. He is a game changer and is already in my mind a top receiver in the league. Without Drake London making Marcus Mariota the Atlanta Falcons Quarterback look decent he would already be on the bench. Drake London is setting the pace for every rookie, and there might not be any stopping him. He was a perfect draft selection in April, and he still is a perfect one now.