NBA Trade Deadline Possible Moves


By Elijah Silverman

Fred Vanvleet (Toronto/Chicago)
This wouldn’t be a shock. First, Fred is from that area, and second, Chicago has all the assets to make this trade happen. Give them a few first-round picks and Coby White, and the deal should be done. This makes sense for both teams; one, Toronto gets a young promising guard, and two, the Bulls replace Lonzo for the year. This is only for the short-term, though, because Vanvleet will hit free agency next year.

Kyle Lowry (Miami/Golden State)
Kyle Lowry won’t be traded. In my mind he will be bought out. I believe he will definitely be released and with the Warriors extra roster spot he will be an easy scoop up that will help them fine tune a great chance at a championship, a last championship, of course after this season Lowry will spend his last season back in Toronto and then he will retire.

Jonathan Kuminga (Golden State/Charlotte)

As of right now, this is an average player playing on a great team. He could definitely replace Miles Bridges on the Charlotte Hornets and maybe develop better chemistry with his team in Charlotte. The Warriors probably get a 2028 first rounder and some random player whom they will cut right after.

Miles Bridges (Free agent out of the league)
Miles Bridges is a great player being viewed as a huge risk with no reward. All in all, no one will take him, and his career may be over. No one even talked about him and he is a great talent, but maybe his career is over.