James Breaks NBA Points Record

Source: NBC Sports

By Elijah Silverman

LeBron James has been chasing immortality for as long as I can remember and he finally did the impossible early Wednesday morning. Most people usually sound asleep but not that morning. That morning was the morning the sport of basketball was changed forever by one of the greatest athletes to ever play a sport.

This record that LeBron broke was something that people had been chasing for 39 years and finally on February 7th, 2023 he broke it. On February 7th the hype was real, pre game LeBron showed up calm, cool and collected. He was 36 points away from the record so people didn’t really know if he could do it or if he would break the record that night. For some reason though the atmosphere just felt so different. To start LeBron has his entire family in attendance, he had his best friends there, and his kids were able to talk to him the entire game as they were courtside. When the game started it was so obvious that LeBron was ready to break the record. I mean he really started the game so hot he was shooting at a high percentage and he was able to drop 20 points in the first half alone.

The halftime show was just showing clips of LeBron through the half and at this point it was just a matter of time until LeBron broke the record. It was so exciting to watch as LeBron entered the game and took the court again only 16 points away from becoming forever immortal in NBA history. Now LeBron James has been playing at such a high level that people wonder how long he can keep this up at his age. So LeBron walked into the second half and for a second it looked like he cooled down but he didn’t and as the seconds ticked down and the number went from 16 to 2 it was apparent that LeBron James might become the all-time scoring leader before the end of the third quarter and he had one more shot at doing it before the third quarter horn sounded.

LeBron got the ball and was able to go into the pos and he was going to shoot his signature shot. When the ball left his finger tip the whole world froze, basketball as every fan knows it was about to change forever, a record that was held for 39 years was about to be broken and the man breaking it was about to have two years left to add to it. When the ball went in the basket the emotions LeBron felt must have been unimaginable. The little boy from Akron who moved constantly starting from poverty has just done something that might never be done again. He broke the record.

The record that everybody chases and never breaks, LeBron James broke it. So that leaves the question for every basketball fan what’s next? Can LeBron James break anymore records before he retires and the truth is and this is insane he not only will have the chance to play basketball with his son but he will finish in the top 5 for the most assists all time. LeBron is now going to be forever remembered as one of the greatest to ever play the game if not the greatest to ever play the game.