LA Dodgers and Atlanta Braves Surprising Departure From The Postseason

Legacy Press

By Elijah Silverman

This MLB season has been very crazy. I mean, the Dodgers set their franchise record for how many wins they had in a season, and the Braves looked like they could be the only team in the Dodgers’ way of winning the whole thing, but both teams took a hike very early in the playoffs this year. The Dodgers were heavy favorites, but they dropped three straight games. The Braves lost to one of the World Series finalists, the Phillies.

Now if we look at the two teams, I would say that the Dodgers were the better team this year, but here’s the deal: we are going into a big offseason for both ball clubs and the Dodgers are going to lose some key guys. I believe they will lose Joey Gallow, Clayton Kershaw, and Justin Turner. These are good players, but I also would actually not be shocked if they decided to move on. Cody Bellinger, who would essentially end up most likely only getting some very young prospects, makes me want to say that the Dodgers won’t be as good as they were this year. To be honest, we are looking at a wild card berth for the Dodgers next year, and maybe they could contend but they could never go far in the playoffs when they get there, so who knows?

Switching gears, I believe the Braves are fine; they should be in the same spot next year and we will see if they are going to be able to go ahead and win a world series in 2023. All in all, though, the only thing I can say is that I am shocked, and I mean shocked that both these teams lost so early in the playoffs, I mean wow.