The Buffalo Bills start the season hot

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By Will Demartinis

As we know, The Buffalo Bills were and still are Vegas’s hot pick to win the Super Bowl. With a high powered offense steered by Josh Allen–and, of course, with the help of star players Stefon Diggs and Gabe Davis–the only thing that appears to stop the Bills is the Bills’ mistakes themselves. Holding an AFC best 5-1 record into their bye week & a place on top of the AFC East, the Bills look like the best all-round AFC team through 7 weeks. That, combined with the fact that the “easiest” part of the Bills schedule is ahead, can only put them in an even better  position to win their 3rd AFC East division title in 3 years and potentially clinch the AFC #1 seed, guaranteeing home field advantage and a Wild-card bye come January.

While we’re only ⅓ through the NFL season, nothing has stopped the Bills except unfair stadium design (looking at you, Miami), Injuries (RIP Micah Hyde 2022-23 season), and the odd bad play call. That offense, combined with their defense, which is currently ranked #1 in the entire NFL, makes it the first time since the Philadelphia Eagles monster 13-3 season in 2004 that a team has had both the #1 Ranked Offense and Defense in the same week. That stout defense is, of course, headed by some star players as well: Safety Jordan Poyer, Linebackers Matt Milano & Tremaine Edmunds, D-Lineman Ed Oliver and Jordan Phillips, and none other than Von Miller.The Bills’ next games are (Oct. 30th) Sunday night vs. the Green Bay Packers, November 6th against the New York Jets, and November 13th against the Minnesota Vikings. What can be said is that the Bills are currently red hot, and look like one of the very best (the best) teams in the NFL. Come January, the chances for the Bills to finally return to the Super Bowl after 29 years and win their first ever team ring in franchise existence looks bright. All we have to do as Bills fans is to keep cheering, tailgating, shouting, and jumping through those tables.