Draymond Green and the Golden State Warriors

The New York Times

By Elijah Silverman

The Golden State Warriors have been one of the best NBA teams in recent memory. There is no team better than them, but there are a few issues as of recent with this team. One is definitely that they have a bad case of locker room cancer named Draymond Green. He is definitely a huge problem with his anger, and it showed when he decided to punch his teammate Jordan Poole.

There were events leading up to this, but the important thing is that he punched Jordan Poole. Draymond is definitely a great player but he is a liability. The backstory to the punch is that Green let a personal issue affect him on the court. He was jealous of the money Jordan Poole would be making–this is money Draymond will never make himself, so he got mad and took it out on Poole in practice.

This is a very big problem for a team that is supposed to look so perfect, so here’s the deal: they played it down. Draymond and Poole this season look great together on the court. They look very happy, and while Poole has actually gotten an extension, it looks like Draymond has gotten over his jealousy.

Here’s the deal: I truly believe that Draymond could, technically speaking, stay in Golden State and be successful. However, this isn’t going to happen long-term because honestly there is no way he is getting paid the big bucks anymore, so he will probably opt in to a player option next year and then be traded before the beginning of the 2023-2024 season. For now, I do believe that the Warriors will contend, and this will not be the reason why they lose if they don’t win the finals, so I am not worried at all about the Warriors in this area. However, they could get Klay more involved and maybe give Wiseman more playing time.