Join Art Club and find your inner artist!


by Samantha Higgins

Due to the closure of Williamsville schools, any dates mentioned are postponed.

Art is freedom, and everyone should be encouraged to explore that freedom. Art Club is the perfect place to relax, unwind and find your inner artist. Mrs. Creahan is an art teacher and this club’s advisor. Art club meets two times every month in room 103. According to Mrs. Creahan about eight to ten kids come to the roughly one hour long meetings, and it’s never too late to join such a fun club. You don’t have to be concerned about your level because you can be a complete beginner or a long time pro! Every artist was an amatuer at one point. It is a great hobby to start because it can be as elaborate or as simple as you like, you can take it places, do it alone or with a friend. The group does a large variety of projects, one coming up will be paint pouring. In the past they have done different seasonal or holiday projects depending on the time of year. 

Mrs. Creahan said, “I mainly decide what our next project will be and gather all of our materials, but I always consider all the options students may have brought to the table.”. There aren’t any guidelines she follows as to any kind of themes for the projects, this means it’s a really great opportunity to be able to express your own creative ideas. The members of the club have been seen participating in events like Taste of East or a bake sale. 

Art promotes creativity, self-confidence, and teaches about group work. These same skills can be seen in the Art Club. Students that participate love this club, “Art club is a great way to try out new methods and techniques.” said Elizabeth Goldstein. Studies have been done by a team of social scientists at the University of Arkansas trying to scientifically prove the benefits of exposure to art. Creative kids display greater tolerance, historical empathy, better educational memory, and critical thinking skills. Art is extremely beneficial in many ways in different peoples lives. Art can change societies opinions, instill values in people, and even serve as therapy. It can be considered a language, it connects people from all over the world from all sorts of backgrounds by one person’s use of a creative outlet.       


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