Amnesty International seeks to better the world community


by Grace Speller

One of the lesser-known clubs at East, Amnesty International’s primary goal is to free all political and religious prisoners as well as to defend human rights globally. Senior Skye Campo, Co-President of Amnesty, announced that the club’s next project is a partnership with the local organization Journey’s End “to raise money and supplies” which will help with the resettlement and self-sufficiency of refugees in Buffalo. Campo also added that some of the club meetings are entirely devoted to “writing letters to people in positions of power” with the goal of furthering “certain humanitarian ends”.

    Amnesty International’s website,, informs readers about humanitarian issues in countries like Brazil, Syria, Yemen, Hong Kong, and even the USA. Campo expresses that he is especially concerned by the “Chinese repression of Hong Kong and the cultural suppression and detention of Chinese Uighurs”, two serious issues which are occurring right now. Amnesty’s other Co-President, Grace Speller, is worried by the widespread famine, abuse of women, and civilian casualties caused by conflict in Syria and Yemen. While it may seem that there are many violent issues in the world, Campo notes that the overall, the world “is more peaceful than it has ever been”.

Amnesty wishes to expand its membership in the coming years. To join this club, see either Ms. Kantz, Skye Campo, or Grace Speller to find out when the next meeting is. Meetings are usually held on Thursdays and last from 3 PM to 4 PM. Although Amnesty is quite small this year, Campo is optimistic in its future, hoping that it will “leave an impact on our world and community”.


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