How to Help Afghan Refugees


By Grace Hwang

After the Biden administration decided to remove all US troops from Afghanistan earlier this year, the Taliban takeover has created chaos for its residents. Many of you have most likely seen the poignant images and videos circulating online, from women and children protesting to protect their right to education, to the hundreds of people trying to hang onto a departing plane, desperate to leave the country. These heartbreaking scenes have captured the world and may have left you wondering how you can help. There is now an easy way to do so!

Buffalo has recently taken in around 350 Afghan refugees, the most of any region in the state. And while many agencies and organizations are helping them to resettle by finding housing, there are still many supplies that are needed. These refugees have come with nothing, and they need supplies to function and maintain their lives in Buffalo. Students from the Human Rights & Genocide course, in collaboration with Jewish Family Services, are calling on all East students and staff to contribute to this cause by donating any of the items on the list to the right.

The entire list of needed supplies is posted on the home page of WITS, and items brought in can be placed in the bins in front of the Main Office. This donation drive will continue until December 3, so please consider buying some things over Thanksgiving break in the spirit of gratitude and giving back to others. Donating can also count as an individual action for seniors currently taking Government, but be sure to check with your teachers. We are grateful to all those who have already donated, and please make sure to spread the word and encourage others to do so!

Donation Items:

· New bath towels and washcloths

· Bedding sets

· Seasonal blankets

· Lamps and light bulbs

· Notebooks, pencils, pens

· Dish soap

· Laundry detergent

· Paper towels

· Shampoo

· Toilet paper

· Toothpaste

· And more!


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