Film Appreciation Society: “Us”


By Paulina Bargnesi

On October 27th, Film Appreciation Society watched the 2019 film Us, directed by the insanely talented Jordan Peele. This horror movie has won multiple awards, such as the NAACP Image Award for both outstanding acting and writing, and is a perfect movie to watch the night before Halloween. To give you a quick synopsis, this movie follows Adelaide (Lupita Nyong’o) and her family, who come face to face with their tethered (also known as their doppelgangers). Thanks to Mrs. Pankow and Mr. Raskopf, students are able to watch this amazing movie and many more great movies later in the year. Film Appreciation Society is all about watching, analyzing, discussing, and sharing opinions on entertaining movies. Every month there is a movie that students will have the opportunity to view. Next month, in honor of the fall play, we will be watching Murder on the Orient Express. This film is about a detective who rides on a, at first, seemingly normal express train. However, after a wealthy man is murdered while aboard, everyone becomes a suspect. If you’re a film lover and looking for a club to join, then Film Appreciation Society is definitely the place for you. A big thanks again to Mrs. Pankow and Mr. Raskopf for hosting these meetings every month!