Don’t Let the Yearbook Burn Out


By Sarah Brunskill

The yearbook is special. It’s full of pictures to look back on and laugh about — how different you look or how similar you look year to year. You can see little clips of your friends, your teachers, your favorite teams. When you pick one up at the end of the year, it’s fun remembering all of the events of the year. 

This year is a little different. Okay, a lot different. Did you learn anything new? Are you remote? In-school? The year is different for the yearbook committee too. Whereas in previous years, student photographers went around taking photos of everybody, this year we can’t go around school, let alone to everyone’s houses. 

Without the pictures that we usually would gather, we can’t include the memories. So, we need everyone to participate and gather photos from home. It doesn’t have to be just pictures of you. It can be pictures of your friends, your artwork, your spirit days, study get-togethers, or anything else you think you would like to see and share in the 2020-2021 yearbook.

Have some photos or not sure what to send? Here are some ideas and how to submit them from Ms. Kramer:

  • Your Job
  • Senior Days — upload pictures from the drive-in movie night and homecoming week!
  • Summer Fun
  • Skiing or Snow fun — you could upload a snowman you made for the snowman making contest page, snowboarding, crosscountry, sledding, snowball fight photos, etc.
  • Bills Gear to celebrate the awesome season they’re having
  • Winter Break — your ugly sweaters, cookie decorating, winter break jobs, you playing esports, family sports, and non school sports which include images of you competing horseback riding, dancing, sailing, etc.
  • Your Covid Masks (click on the link to upload these photos directly)
  • Colleges (click on the link to upload these photos directly)
  • Artwork (click on the link to upload these photos directly)

To send in images for the yearbook, go to and use code spark or email them to Ms. Kramer through WITS. Make sure you list names and events with a description and quote. 

Together we can all make this year’s yearbook one to remember. So, upload some of your favorite photos, and spread the news — ask your friends to also upload some of their favorite photos from this year!


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