Thursday, August 11, 2022

East Bids a Fond Farewell to Mrs. Milks

By Colleen Meosky Over the years, Mrs. Milks has established herself as an invaluable member of the East community. Mrs. Milks started out at Williamsville...

A Look Back at Mrs. Rutecki’s Time at East

By Seth Gellman Walking into East for the first time in Freshman year, I was a little awed at how large and overwhelming everything was....

Getting to know Mrs. Lanzone

While teaching here for just six years, Mrs. Lanzone has already made a big impact at East.

Ms. Wilson’s Life, Career at East, and Retirement Plans

Through those four years, however, I’ve never gotten to learn much about Ms. Wilson herself until I had the opportunity to interview her.

A Profile: A Journey to America

He is now known as Luke Fitzsimmons, workaholic, husband, father of three girls, grandpa to one, and uncle to many. Although that story happened over 40 years ago, it is still fresh in his mind, easy to recall and look back on, and has shaped his entire life.

Mr. Capozzi: A Teacher With a Taste for The Extreme

Meet Mr. Capozzi, a spectacular tech teacher, avid outdoorsman, and man of many skills and talents.

A Cup of Coffee with Ms. Reilly

The PTSA awarded Ms. Reilly The 64th Annual Service to Youth Award for her extraordinary service to the children of the Williamsville Central School District, but she didn’t always plan on being a music teacher.

A Chat With Mrs. Wagar

Mrs. Wagar, also known as Señora Wagar, is often thought of as a teacher who builds connections with her students and is incredibly active in the school’s community.

Colleen Meosky And Her Shopping List of Clubs

The sophomore has certainly taken this opportunity in stride, as an active member in at least eight of East’s clubs including Girl Up, Seneca, and French Club to name a few.

The History of Mrs. Vastola: a Profile

She’s made an impact on student’s and teachers' lives over the decade with her kind and funny personality. However, teaching isn’t something she always knew she was going to do.

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