Thursday, September 23, 2021

Spotlight on Kelly DeBerg, Owner of AURA Salt Cave and Wellness

Everyone deserves to have a safe place where they can let go of their stress and just relax. This was Kelly DeBerg’s driving purpose when she created AURA Salt Cave and Wellness, a local business that offers natural and holistic services for the overall wellbeing of the body, mind, and spirit of their customers.

Get to Know: Mrs. DeSantis

Mrs. DeSantis has been an assistant principal at East for seventeen years and has made herself a familiar, friendly face.

Profile of Mr. Harrison

By Colleen Meosky Mr. Harrison is currently East’s “Chemistry A” teacher, but he also enjoys teaching other courses including Forensics and Biology.  Note well: Don’t mistake...

A few minutes with Mrs. Charleson-Smith

Where did you go to school? After graduating from Amherst High School, I studied speech pathology at UB. While at UB, I worked at a...


by Jaiha Lee Starting this school year, Mrs. Charleson-Smith and Mr. Suchyna will be East’s new Assistant Principals. Both have tremendous amounts of experience and...

Profile of Mrs. Fey-Daly

By Maggie Meosky and Priya Pindiprolu Mrs. Fey-Daly has been a part of our Soc. department for many years. She currently teaches Global 1, Women’s...

Mrs. Bailey’s Words of Wisdom: Do What You Love to Do

By Gabe Guo The East Side News sat down with Social Studies teacher Mrs. Bailey. This profile is written in interview format, indicated by the...

Welcoming Principal Brian Swatland to Williamsville East High School!

By Anna Bella D'Amico As East says goodbye to Mr. Scanzuso, former Assistant Principal of Williamsville North High School, Mr. Brian Swatland has taken his...

Michael Dalessandro: Physics Teacher by Day, Deacon by Night

  Michael Dalessandro: Physics Teacher by Day, Deacon by Night By Gabe Guo For this issue of East Side News, we interviewed none other than the great...

Catching up with the One and Only Mr. Nogowski

I met with Mr. Nogowski on the 27th of February just to chat about how things are going. Mr. Nogowski teaches AP US history...

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