An Overview of East’s Biggest Science Club: Science Olympiad


By Armita Rohani

As schools start opening their doors to students, new and old, Science Olympiad is back at it again claiming to be the “club of the school!” Open to any interested students that are fascinated in biology, chemistry, earth science and physics, Science Olympiad is a stem-based competition with 23 events where anyone can showcase their scientific knowledge. Led by captains Simon Li, Eric Yang, Yoongyu Heo and Grant Wang, East has a strong record to make it to regional and state events. Embodied by their three teams of red, gold and silver, students will take a mandatory evaluation on October 4 that will determine their factions. This academic test is composed of “basic” and “special” knowledge, ranging from general topics of biology, physics, and chemistry towards more specific ones, such as forestry, and disease. Reference tables will be provided and students can bring a one-sided 8.5’’x11’’ cheat sheet as well. An optional technical test is also available as a multiplier to the academic score that will take place October 6. The goal of this test is to build a device that can launch a projectile towards the target; the more accurate the more points earned! Science Olympiad will meet weekly on Saturday’s from 4pm-8pm based on student factions at peer homes, to study for events as well as socialize with team members. Interteam tests take place every two weeks in school and will start October 27.

Science Olympiad is a club that pushes their students for hard work and “out of the box” thinking by testing their academic knowledge and applying those capabilities. This club brings together thousands of students from across the country that all share their curiosity and passion for science. Teamwork is a big part of Science Olympiad, and the wide array of subjects encourages students from various backgrounds and interests to join. Science Olympiad unites their members, creates new friendships and gives members an opportunity to express their love for science freely. When members were asked why they were interested in joining this club, their responses stated that, “I really enjoy science and some of my friends wanted me to join with them. I’m looking forward to working with some of my friends to expand our knowledge on the topic at hand,” as well as, “I joined Science Olympiad to see what it was like and meet new people; I’m excited to see who my teammates will be!” Members will not only be given opportunities to do what they love in science, but also chances to discover what they are enthusiastic about.

Even if you are not interested in joining, support the club! Encourage members and help them through their tests and spread the word about Science Olympiad! Peer recognition helps this club thrive; we would love to see your student promotion. If you have any questions, contact Mrs. Weitz or speak to one of the club’s captains.