Yes Day: The Feel-Good Family Movie


By Grace Kaiser

Yes Day is the movie for everyone. It follows a family of five in a fun-filled and truth revealing day. The film has themes of love and understanding that will melt your heart. A yes day is a feat where the parents cannot say no to the kids, which is what makes the day so adventurous.

Yes Day stars Jennifer Garner and Édgar Ramírez as mom and dad of Jenna Ortega as Katie Torres, Julian Lerner as Evan Torres, and Everly Carganilla as Ellie Torres. The movie has an amazing lineup with these seasoned stars such as Ortega and Garner, but also brings in some up and coming stars such as Carganilla and Lerner. Despite the varying degrees of experience, the entire cast did an amazing job at portraying the family dynamics you don’t see on the screen often. The representation of Latino stars and characters, along with a Puerto Rican director is a beautiful picture of representation in the film industry. The cast worked hard to show that just because parents say no doesn’t mean they don’t want to say yes.
The film tells a beautiful story about love, collaboration, and values. It also demonstrates how the love in a family is forever and unconditional. Yes Day is a movie  for all ages who want to experience some laughs and some tears


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