Why You Should Hate Bernie Sanders


Picture5By: Ananya Murthy

Bernie Sanders: the man who stars in every Republican’s nightmares. He’s a socialist, has extremely liberal policies, fights for the middle and lower class, and worst of all, he’s Jewish. How could Americans ever support a candidate like that? Where are the wealthy Christian candidates with family values and a drive to “make America great again”? Oh right, that’s the entire Republican party, which includes fan favorites like Donald Trump, the billionaire son of a KKK member, and Ben Carson, who still believes that “being gay is a choice” and that “Obamacare is the worst thing to happen to America since slavery”. That’s reassuring!

Sanders is the ultimate liberal – he aims for complete racial, gender, religious, and sexual equality, in addition to diminishing the wealth gap between the upper and lower classes. Sanders argues for increasing minimum wage and raising taxes for the rich. He even pushes for decreased college tuition and increased aid, so education is more readily available to all Americans. Sanders’ campaign looks to improve the lives of all Americans, on all fronts.

Sanders’ campaign itself is more oriented towards helping those who need it the most, compared to other candidates’ campaigns whose interests lie elsewhere. He doesn’t involve himself with lobbyists and Super PACs and the like; rather, most of his donations come from average Americans in hopes to fight against injustice and help those who are struggling, instead of those who are already rich and powerful. He refuses to be swayed by lobbyists or corporations. While other candidates are spending millions on campaigning – millions that could be used for actually helping the American people – Sanders only takes what people are willing, or able, to give. Sanders has a truly incredible and unmatched dedication to the American people and fighting against the corruption and injustices of this country. Sanders also takes the input of people attending his speeches, rather than ignoring all of his opponents. When people from the #BlackLivesMatter movement protested his lack of attention to the movements for racial equality, he took it upon himself to bring in a member of their group as an advisor for his campaign, and began to speak out more about racial inequality.

Bernie Sanders: a man who fights for equality, and cares about the American people. What a nightmare.




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