By Grace Delisanti

According to Student Council advisor Mrs. McDonald, a student council’s purpose is “to have a student run government in the school that plans and promotes events for the entire student body with the help of student officers.” 

East’s  Student Council is led by four elected officers: Kennedy Intihar the President, Maler Suresh the Vice President, Ross Mantsurov the Secretary, and Danny Kwon the Treasurer. Speaking with the officers, they introduce themselves and give some background on their position and specific responsibilities. Kennedy Intihar the President says that she “ works with the other student council officers, advisors, administration, and all the students at East.” She listens to the student body as a whole and takes suggestions from the students on how to better East as a whole. Maler  the Vice President then introduces herself and states that the Vice President, “Helps to come up with fundraising ideas, help plan out instagram posts.” In addition, Maler also states that general meetings are held with the other officers and advisors. Ross Mantsurov the Secretary of Student Council says that the secretary is involved in the executive orders of the president which can include logistics of meetings, planning social media posts, and overseeing events that take place. Danny Kwon the Treasurer then continues and says “the treasurer handles most of the financial part of the council.” Unique to any other position on the Council, Danny is able to sign checks that need to be approved, counts money after fundraisers, and runs the cash register at those fundraisers. 

Similarly to Homecoming which the student council organized in September, next week there will be a spirit week. Advisor Mrs Mahaney says “This week is meant to appreciate a different aspect of East that we love.” The spirit days for next week include Monday: Friends/peers day, Tuesday: Teacher Appreciation day, Wednesday: Club day , Thursday: Sports/Music day, Friday: Buffalo day.