Unicef Vaccination Clinic


By Nour Touti

Unicef is an organization dedicated to advocating for the inclusion and protection of children’s rights to help meet their basic needs and expand their opportunities to reach their full potential. Unicef has worked in lots of third world and war-torn countries providing basic humanitarian relief and education. Here at East, we have had the wonderful opportunity to work with Unicef and we now have our own official WEHS Unicef Club.

Unicef had their first official meeting on Tuesday, 2/8, which had a great turn-out. COVID-19 has been an ongoing pandemic that shocked the world in a short amount of time, lots have lost loved one’s and the pandemic has just had an overall toll on everyone’s lives. The vaccine will not only help to develop immunity to Covid but will also help us to keep the others around us safe and be able to go on and lead normal and healthy lives. For Unicef’s first project they organized a vaccination clinic in partnership with Rite Aid on March 4th at 3PM right here at East! It included lots of volunteer opportunities and raffle prizes. First and second immunizations as well as boosters were provided. Links for scheduling and volunteering were sent out; to be notified or to know more information join the google classroom: ctorzx and the remind: @weunicef.