Top 10 Netflix Watchlist: For Those Times When You Just Need to Relax

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By Thza Kanapathipillai and Joelle Silvestri AKA THE REVIEW-O DUO

With movie theaters and restaurants closed, the coronavirus doesn’t leave us with much to do. Lucky for us we have streaming services like Netflix to keep us entertained! 2020 has not been kind, so here are some of our favorite shows that have made us feel better in these stressful times! If you are stressed out from school, work, or just need a break from reality, we got your back with some relaxing tv shows!

The Great British Baking Show – 12 amateur bakers face off in a baking competition to win the title of “The Greatest British Baker”. There are multiple rounds that the bakers compete in, and in each round the bakers are given a new challenge. The show is hosted by Noel Fielding and Prue Lieth, and the show’s judges are the famous bakers Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood. This is the best show to watch when you need to unwind because nothing is more relaxing than watching a bunch of Brits try to make fondant fancies and traditional cornish pasties. 

Queer Eye– The Netflix reboot of the decade-old “Queer Eye” Franchise features the Fab Five: Antoni, Jonathan, Karamo, Tan, and Bobby. The group travels to different cities to give lifestyle makeovers to men and women. Each member of the Fab Five specializes in something different: Bobby is an interior designer, Karamo is a life coach, Antoni is a food and wine specialist, Tan is a clothing stylist, and Jonathan is a hairdresser. By the end of each episode, the Fab Five helps someone live their best life. This show is uplifting and will definitely put you in a good mood.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee- In this talk-show style series, famous comic Jerry Seinfeld drives classic cars, drinks lots of coffee, and talks to very interesting guests. In each episode, Seinfeld picks up his guests (typically comics, but in one episode President Barack Obama makes an appearance) in vintage cars and then they go to a cafe. With Seinfeld’s funny conversations with guests and his detailed backstories about each car he drives, this show is sure to reduce your stress.

Parks and Recreation–  Parks and Recreation is a mockumentary based on the Parks and Recreation department of Pawnee, Indiana. Naive, but determined Leslie Knope is the deputy director of the Parks and Recreation Department and is the only one who takes her job seriously. She dreams of becoming the first female President of the United States, but her first goal is to make Pawnee a better place. She does this by helping Ann Perkins, her best friend, turn an abandoned construction site into a community park, a complex project that poses challenges such as angry neighbors, mean bureaucrats, and more. Her colleagues, Tom Haverford, Ron Swanson, April Ludgate, and Andy Dwyer, all help her on her journey to beautify Pawnee. Parks and Recreation somehow manages to remain optimistic about society and politics with a comedic twist, so it is such a good break from reality. The show can get you laughing instantly and is heart-warming to watch.

Portlandia – Former SNL cast member Fred Armisen and guitarist Carrie Brownstein star in a comedy sketch series set in Portland, Oregon, that gently pokes fun at the city as a haven for eccentric hipsters and the many characters that call it home. Among the many recurring guest stars on the series are Ed Begley Jr., Jeff Goldblum, Natasha Lyonne, Kumail Nanjiani and Kyle MacLachlan, who plays Portland’s mayor. If you are in the need for some laughs, then this show is for you!

Documentary Now!Documentary Now! is a mockumentary series created by the former SNL cast members and writers, Fred Armisen, Bill Hader, John Mulaney, and Seth Meyers. Each episode is shot in a different documentary style and is hosted by Helen Mirren. The show even parodies some famous documentaries like Grey Gardens, The Thin Blue Line, and The History of the Eagles. Documentary Now! is an excellent show to watch when you want to kick back and watch some documentaries with a funny twist.

Billy on the StreetBilly on the Street is a pop culture game show hosted by comedian Billy Eichner. He roams the streets of New York City yell-asking strangers outrageous trivia questions for a dollar by shoving a microphone in their faces or hosting games such as “Quizzed in the face” or “Amateur Speed Sketching”. Celebrity guests like Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and many more have appeared on the show and participated in these hilarious antics. Billy Eichner’s personality is very energetic and fast-paced; it makes for a great show to take your mind off of things. 

New Girl – Awkward, upbeat, and always singing about everything, music teacher Jessica Day goes through a tough breakup and is forced to move into a loft with three single guys: Nick, Schmidt, and Winston. They quickly turn into a dysfunctional family along with Jess’s best friend, Cece. Nick is a sarcastic bartender who refuses to believe in banks. Schmidt is a prima donna, control-freak who considers himself the “top dog” of the loft. Winston is the sweet yet goofy one in the loft who the others usually turn to for advice. New Girl is a feel-good show to help you get some laughs in after a long day. 

CommunityCommunity is a comedy starring actors Joel Mchale, Donald Glover, Alison Brie, Gillian Jacobs, Yvette Nicole-Brown, Danny Pudi, and Jim Rash. The show begins following Jeff, a former lawyer forced to leave his job because of his fraudulent law degree. He goes to Greendale Community College to get a real law degree and get his job back. Jeff creates a Spanish study group hoping that it will win over his classmate Britta, but instead he ends up forming unlikely friendships with his classmates. Each character has a unique and funny backstory that has brought them to the school. Community is a great show that is bound to make you laugh. Emily in Paris – All-American girl Emily Cooper was just a youngster climbing the corporate ladder until one day she is given the opportunity of a lifetime to travel to Paris, France, and work at one of the most important, essential fashion marketing companies in the world. However, there is one small problem: Emily does not speak French. As the show progresses, Emily faces many obstacles, including her colleagues trying to sabotage her career and many challenging romances. She builds up a social media platform while in Paris and eventually wins over her colleagues by proving her talents. The show stars the actress Lily Collins and features many other French actors such as Lucas Bravo and Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu. This is a great show to watch when you want to escape reality and submerge yourself in the streets of Paris with Emily.


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