The Siberian Unicorn Gives Insight in How to Save Rhinos


By Max Dai

The Siberian Unicorn is an animal from the rhino family. It has a long horn on its nose and is said to weigh around four tons. This colossal creature seems to have become extinct 39,000 years ago.

The importance of this seemingly irrelevant species is its relation with rhinos. By studying the fossils of these extinct rhinos, scientists can predict their fate or find a solution to save them.

The Siberian Unicorns were seen to have a heavy vegetative diet, which may have been a contributing factor to its extinction. The reason for food being an issue for these rhinos is that after the climate changed, there was less available vegetation, essentially showing that the rhinos aren’t very adaptable to their environment.

With this information, scientists understand that rhinos are picky eaters that greatly depend on the maintenance of their current, preferred environment.

With further study, scientists may find out more specific details regarding how rhinos react and adapt to changes in the environment. This information could possibly save the five remaining rhino species of today.


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