The Return of Williamsville East FBLA


By Ryan Chou

Williamsville East FBLA is officially starting back up! Not even COVID-19 could stop this club from running this year. East FBLA already has over 150 members, making it once again one of the biggest clubs in the district and one of the largest chapters in the state, and this number is only expected to go up in the coming months.

The due date to join was October 30th, but you can still join! Simply fill out the form application and follow the directions in the WITS mail sent by the clubs advisor, Mrs. Fanara-Mauro on October 14th and September 23rd. 

The club has an immense amount of opportunity, which can be confusing (I know from personal experience that it was confusing to me for a while). However, Mrs. Mauro, the advisor, can help guide you through whatever questions you have, and there are many Chapter Officers as well as local State Officers you can consult for information. Our State Parliamentarian is junior Allison Li and our State Vice President is junior Margaret Brown. Additionally, our Chapter Officers are Co-Presidents Anna Lin and Aamna Soniwala, Co-Vice Presidents Irene Wang and Riddhi Shelat, Secretary Michelle Huh, Treasurer Olivia Mancuso, Historian Avantika Sridhar, Fundraising Chairperson Hannah Wei, Program of Work Chairperson Leah Huang, and myself as Chapter of the Year Chairperson.

So, what are these opportunities? 

For one, there is the annual State Leadership Conference, which was unfortunately cancelled due to COVID-19. As of November 2020, the conference will be held in Rochester, New York, from April 7-9, 2021. At the State Leadership Conference, members of our FBLA chapter have the opportunity to compete in a variety of events, ranging from hard-facts based tests to public speaking and presentations. Also available to members is running for State Office. As someone who has run for State Office (but unfortunately lost twice), this is absolutely a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of.

Also, you get to pick how involved you will be in the club. Signing up to be a member does not necessarily require you to go to any meetings, events, or activities. These are optional opportunities that are very beneficial, but there is no pressure to participate in them. Even if you choose not to be an active member, FBLA is something you can put on your college resume if that interests you. 

Learning and networking is also a big opportunity in FBLA. Whether you go to the Spring District Meeting, State Leadership Conference, or National Leadership Conference, you will have the opportunity to meet new people, learn about FBLA, and most importantly, build your character as America’s next generation of future business leaders.

The Virtual Fall Leadership Workshop was held from November 14-15, 2020 on YouTube. More information can be found in the WITS mail sent by Mrs. Mauro on November 5, 2020, or on Participants had the opportunity to hear from knowledgeable keynote speakers and information about how to get more involved in FBLA. Don’t worry if you missed the workshop, you can watch the event on New York State FBLA’s YouTube channel at any time. 

Additionally, Williamsville East will be holding its own first Virtual Chapter Meeting in the coming weeks. More information on the date and time will be sent to members through a WITS mail, and this article will accordingly be updated to reflect the time frame.

Joining FBLA is a wonderful way to get involved at East, and several opportunities await anyone who chooses to take advantage of them.


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