The Growing List of East Clubs

Williamsville East students attending in-person club meetings!

By Amanda Ojeda

East is well known for the variety of clubs we have, and that being said, there truly is something for everyone. Since the shutdown, many clubs haven’t been running. Fortunately, the wide variety of them are starting up again and coming back stronger than ever. I chose to take a more comprehensive look at what these clubs have been up to. Next to each of the club descriptions is the club advisor, so feel free to reach out to them for more information on specific clubs. Extracurriculars are a great way to get involved with the East community all while doing things you are passionate about. I strongly encourage everyone to try out the clubs that they’re interested in because you will be sure to gain some positive experiences. 

Art Club: Mrs. Creahan

Art Club welcomes all who have a passion for the creation of art, focusing mainly on art activities that wouldn’t be done in a typical art class. Students can pick their own ideas for the club based on anything that strikes their interest, from a picture on Pinterest, to a displayed piece of work by some of the most well-known artists in history. Members do not need to be concurrently enrolled in any art classes at East.

Drama Club: Mrs. Mahaney, Mrs. Reilly, and Mrs. LoVullo

This club’s sole purpose is to foster and promote all aspects of theater from set design, blocking, make-up and costumes(all the behind-the-scenes action), to the public performing aspect. The Drama Club is currently putting together this year’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream by someone we are all a bit familiar with, William Shakespeare. Meetings are after school in room 210.

FBLA: Mrs. Fanara-Mauro

FBLA(Future Business Leaders of America) held its first informational meeting last week! This club focuses on developing leadership skills through business education. Members participate in statewide competitions, both individuals and groups, and from there they can move up to a national competition level. East has one of the largest FBLA chapters in the state. Members do not have to be enrolled in a business course to participate in the club.

French Club: Madame Roberts

French club is dedicated to celebrating all aspects of French culture. The club gives members an opportunity to share food, travel, stories, and celebrate holidays together. One does not need to be enrolled in any level of the French courses available to enjoy the rich culture through this club.

Girl Up: Mrs. Fey-Daly

This club does various forms of awareness and service to the community by focusing on the improvement of education, healthcare, and safety for girls around the world. Girl Up hosts many fundraising and awareness campaigns, along with discussion-based meetings and movie nights. Their next meeting will be on October 12th, the day following International Day of the Girl. All are welcome to join us in room 307.

GSA: Ms. Schapp

GSA stands for Gay Straight Alliance. This club is a safe place where we can all come together and be free of judgment. Members will never have to feel alone because they have the support of their peers. Meetings come in all shapes and sizes, from discussions, to movie nights, to art activities. Everyone is free to join.

History Bowl: Mrs. Fey-Daly

Student’s who wish to participate in history-based debates and discussions are welcome to join in on the conversations at History Club, designed for those who wish to increase their knowledge of history and wish to propose meeting topics. Meetings are generally Fridays, but feel free to contact club leaders and advisors to check up on meeting times.

Italian Club: Mrs. Wagar

Become immersed in the culture, language, people, and food of Italy through the Italian club. No prior knowledge about the culture is needed. The club is open to all and is excited to have fun meetings designed to celebrate the vibrant Italian culture.

Latin Club: Ms. Brodnicki

Salves omnes! (Hello everyone!) Come celebrate Roman and Greek culture in Latin Club. One will be able to learn about Roman customs, language, attire, food, everyday life, and celebrate Roman holidays. No concurrent enrollment in Latin is needed to join the club. Meetings are hosted in room 207.

Literary Digest: Mr. Huber

Students have an opportunity to publish their creative writing pieces on a monthly basis. Pieces can include but are not limited to all forms of poetry, short stories, and more. Meetings are generally once a month on a Thursday and the next one will be on October 14th.

Master Minds: Ms. Halstead and Ms. McDonald

This club is an academic challenge, taking the form of a quiz, and closely resembling the College Bowl. Students who wish to compete against other high schools in the area in academic challenges are open to join the club.

Model UN: Dr. Redmond

Students will learn parliamentary procedures along with debating global issues. Each student will act as a member of the United Nations. All are welcome to engage in meaningful discussions on current world issues.

Newspaper Club – East Side News: Mr. Huber and Ms. Lanzone

Students will sign up and propose article ideas that they wish to write about and get published in this paper and on the web at There will be a deadline per issue, so students must be responsible and notify editors if they cannot make a deadline. Each issue has various sections including National, International, East, Entertainment, Sports, Business, Comics, Commentary, and Sci-Tech. Meetings are held in room 214 every Wednesday after school.

Philosophy Club: Mr. Miranda

Come explore more about various questions and concepts about the world and human ideas. Students are free to propose any concept that they would like to discuss in the next meeting such as “What is love?” or “What is moral?”. Meetings are usually hosted on Fridays in room 306.

Physics Club: Mr. Belling

To anyone who loves science, specifically physics, and wishes to gain a deeper understanding

of its concepts, this is the club for you. Physics club meets every other Tuesday and is open for all to enjoy.

Political Forum: Dr. Redmond

Students will meet bi-weekly to discuss current political events in a respectful manner. Students will also propose the topic they wish to discuss in the following meeting. Meetings are hosted every other Thursday in room 308. Everyone who has an interest is encouraged to come.

Project Green: Mrs. Korn

Project Green is for all students who have a passion for saving our environment and going green. We participate in various sessions where we Clean Up East, stop invasive species by planting indigenous species, and participating in a themed art exhibit focused on reusing recyclable materials.

Science Olympiad: Mrs. Weitz

Sign up for the Science Olympiad and earn the ability to compete in statewide competitions. The East chapter will be divided into 3 teams based on tryouts. This is a club that will require a lot of time and dedication so please stay committed. Sign ups are still being accepted.

The Seneca: Mrs. Fey-Daly

The Seneca hosts discussion-based meetings on the violations of human rights, lack of economic access, and the absence of civil rights endured by women throughout history. They tie past events with the current struggles that women face today. All are welcome to discuss these important topics in an open space. 

Unity in Diversity: Mr. Huber and Mrs. Korn

Unity in Diversity promotes cultural awareness and gives students at East the opportunity to represent and celebrate the diverse number of cultures represented at East. Performances take the form of dances, songs, instrumental performances, and so much more.

Yearbook – Spark: Mrs. Kramer

Yearbook club is a perfect way to work on a journalistic piece that commemorates each year at East. All are welcome to write for or take pictures for the school yearbook about East sports, dances, clubs, and everyday life. Stop by Mrs. Kramer at room 223 to sign up for a camera to use during your free periods.


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