The Diggs Brothers

Source Sporting News

By Elijah Silverman

The Diggs brothers Stefon and Trevon are arguably the NFL’s best siblings in the league this year. Trevon is a corner and older brother Stefon a receiver. They grew up in Gaithersburg, Maryland with their mother Stephanie, their father Aron, and their middle brother Darez. When Stefon Diggs was only 14 years old, he became a father figure to his younger brothers because their father passed away due to congestive heart failure. All three brothers played football and all three made the NFL. Though Darez didn’t make the cut and is out of the league, the other two brothers are superstars on their respective teams. 

The two star brothers’ paths have been different ones. Stefon Diggs played receiver at the University of Maryland. He worked so hard to get to where he is now because he was drafted in the fifth round, being picked 146th overall. No one believed in Stefon, but the Vikings rolled the dice and used their late pick on a receiver. Boy did this pay off because Diggs was great for them, and when he was a Viking, most people thought of him as one of the best sidekicks ever. He decided he wanted to become more than a sidekick and demanded a trade right before the 2020 draft. He was traded for a pick that turned out to be Justin Jefferson, who is also one of the league’s best young talents. When Stefon got to his new destination Buffalo, he had a historic year, posting 127 receptions and 1,535 yards. That led Stefon to his first pro bowl. 

While Stefon was doing that, Trevon was in his first season where he had 3 interceptions. His skills were impressive, but he still had a long way to go. This year, however, he has impressed.  As of Week 8, he has more picks than games played. This is what you would expect from your DPOY and Trevon is definitely a candidate for DPOY.

For Stefon Diggs and the Bills, last year ended in a disappointing loss to the Chiefs, and spectators watched as Diggs decided to stay on the field and watch the AFC trophy presentation to the Chiefs. Diggs was very disappointed in this terrible loss, and Buffalo fans can tell that he is not ready to lose again. On the other hand, it looks like Trevon Diggs could get a shot at an NFC Championship appearance, and judging by  interceptions, he could be key to the team’s defensive efforts once they get there. 

The Diggs brothers have had different paths to their NFL careers and they play different positions, but they are still the best brother pair in the NFL this season. These brothers have some great stats and they only look to get better. There is a chance they could meet in the Super Bowl and it will be fun to watch Trevon vs. Stefon.


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