The Cytoplasm of East


By Mucteba Gokcek

The IMC is definitely a department that gets overlooked in it’s importance.

The IMC is very similar to the cytoplasm of a cell. If the IMC went down, all the other departments would go down. Mrs. Lang and Mrs. Greiner run the department. What Mrs. Lang and Mrs. Greiner do is that they provide teachers with copies of requested documents, they organize and control to whom and where the chromebook carts go, and supply all the paper to the entire school. Other jobs the IMC has are printing out The East Side News, The East Literary Digest, and all of the programs and/or events at East.

Some of the challenges Mrs. Lang and Mrs. Greiner face are when teachers come up with or change their requests last second. Another is the limited space that the IMC has to store all the incoming paper orders. And another is the paper cuts. When you handle paper so much The IMC provides that paper with an incredible amount of paper. Mrs. Lang said, “Last year the IMC sent out about 5 million copies and sheets of paper.” Think about what would have happened if the IMC didn’t work for one day: nearly 30,000 sheets of paper would have been not sent to faculty and staff around the school.

Mrs. Lang or Mrs. Greiner usually don’t interact with students other than them having an intern last year but they take pride in providing necessary services for the school. If you would like to learn anymore about the IMC, talk to Mrs. Greiner or Mrs. Lang in the IMC.


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