The Croods: A New Age for Fruitful Times


By Sydney Fitzsimmons

Do you remember family vacations? The ones with the long car ride in a packed minivan, with snacks and drinks in the cooler, and only a few bathroom breaks? I sure do, chaos, laughter, and always a few fights, this resembled the Croods’ everyday life, the starring family of a movie I recently watched.  A dreamworks studio production comes to life on screen once again with a sequel to the popular animation The Croods.

This production takes place in neolithic times with a family of cave people The Croods and a teenage boy named Guy who go on a journey to find a place called “tomorrow”. They are on a journey to find a forever home in which Guy leads them. Guy is an orphan who found the cave family and became friends with them. As they go on this journey they have to fight animals, look for food, and keep eachother safe. When they finally reach this amazing lush area, they are greeted by the Bettermans. The Betterments are advanced with buns in their hair, and flip flops on their feet. The bettermans have lots of new technology and a way of life that is very unfamiliar to the Crood family (cave people). They have an endless supply of food and water as well as new technology to make homes, specific items, and have a safe civilized and permanent home. The Croods are having trouble adjusting to this new life, as well as the Bettermans being very skeptical about cave people, this leads to tension between the two families that grows throughout the movie. They then have a large fight which takes a dangerous turn and they have to learn to work together to get back home safely.

Personally I highly enjoyed this movie, it has a fast-paced, high action plot, with twists and turns to keep you on your feet. Although it is an animation made mostly for younger children, it has a sophisticated enough plot and character background to make a great film. It delves deeper into the characters personal issues, and relationships, while still keeping a light-hearted mood. The surrealness of the gigantic brightly colored fruits, and crazy animals like flying sharks and fish birds goes perfectly with the craziness of the characters in the film. This movie had many lessons about family, having eachothers back, not giving up on one another, and helping each other through new and difficult situations. It also demonstrates that you can embrace change and adapt with it instead of being scared and skeptical about it. 

This movie is rated PG and aimed at younger kids ages 5-12 as it is an animation, however this is a movie for everyone. It is funny and light-hearted and as a senior in highschool I definitely enjoyed the movie.  I rate this movie a 4.5/5 flames, only taking point off for a sort of abrupt ending. I was looking for a little more detail or backstory at the end of the movie. I would recommend this movie to kids, families, or anyone who’s looking for a good laugh.


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