By: Naomi Howardpicture5

Netflix has managed to take up our time with yet again another exceptional show, Stranger Things, a mashup of horror, science fiction, and the pure essence of Stephen King. Influenced by the classic horror and sci-fi movies from the 80s, the combination of suspense and attachment to the characters has people once again saying “just one more episode…”.

The character development throughout the first season creates the curiosity that resonates with you in every episode, with so many backstories that beg to be told. It’s so great to now see amazing child actors playing such powerful and important roles within the show alongside seasoned veteran Winona Ryder playing the frantic (at times crazy) worried mother of Will, the missing boy. The biggest and most important character so far would have to be Eleven played by the talented Millie Bobby Brown. Based on characters from Stephen King novels, El (eleven) has the abilities of Carrie White and the backstory of Charlie McGee.

The end of the first season had the King essence of it, ending neatly but adding some unfinished business that leaves us with curiosity leading into the second season.




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