Spring Sports Are On Fire!


By Sarah Brunskill

After a long wait, the spring sports season has come once more. Lacrosse, softball, baseball, track, and men’s tennis are back in business and fired up. Thirteen student-athletes responded to a survey I sent out regarding the season this year.

 Considering we missed out on our last spring season, our athletes were ready to take advantage of the season and bring their spark to the flame. 

Just like the rest of the sports seasons this year, the spring season is shortened and condensed to include playing up to three games a week. Natalia Mantione (Varsity Lacrosse) said, “I’m definitely upset about it since the spring season is my favorite sport, but I’m trying my best to make it a good one even though it’s shorter.” Sophie MacLean (JV Lacrosse) felt similar: “It feels like we’re missing a big part of what makes school so fun but I’m glad we even get a season at all.” Everyone that replied to the survey said they were glad they had their spring season. Since there was no spring season last year, everyone is excited to get back into the game. So, how are our teams doing?

The Girls Varsity Lacrosse team is off to a great start with an undefeated record of 7-0. With confidence, Varsity player Marisa Swiatek mentions, “I think that poster in the gym for women’s lacrosse will have its first year of ’21”. Personally, I can’t wait to look up and see that too. The JV team is sticking with a winning streak record of 7-0-1. 

The Varsity Lacrosse team isn’t the only team with a winning streak. Stepping up to the plate, our Varsity Softball team has a record of 7-0-0. Their signs cover the edges of the field, getting ready for a road to victory and keep their 34 winning streak burning. The JV record is 5-1, leaving the rest of the season promising. 

The boys’ lacrosse team is doing well with a record of 1-1 not including their non-league games. They beat West Seneca West and lost to St. Francis. The JV team with only one loss this season is JV lax 3-1. The team is learning to work together and hopes to do well for the rest of the season. 

The Varsity Baseball team is starting their season with 3-0 with league games placing them first in ECIC II and an overall record of 7-2. The JV team is keeping the streak at 4-0. 

Keeping this season on track, the boys’ and girl’s track teams are doing well. With 8 meets and 5 left the team is pushing themselves to PR. Soleil Zgoda mentions how “we’ve won a meet against West Seneca.” Nick Shopp felt good about “61-second pr for the 400”.  

Causing a racket on the court, the Varsity Boys Tennis team has 6 wins and 1 loss. 

Of course, there are some things about this year that many athletes don’t like. Jenna Henry talked about how “wearing masks and not being able to bond as closely has made this year worse.” Natalia Mantione adds on to this, “I feel like with the season being shorter, everything is being packed into the few months that we have to play. This is making everything feel very rushed.” The restrictions this year have made it much more difficult for teams to bond. Teams must get creative and learn to get to know each other in different ways.

Regardless of all of the negatives this year, the athletes have found many positives. Sophie Maclean mentioned how, “Because it’s condensed, we have a lot of games back to back.” The cramped season has made this year one to remember and more valuable to some Williamsville East athletes. Nick Shopp on Varsity Track said that his favorite thing about this season is “[t]he people who I am on the team with.” Belonging to a team makes the seasons so much more enjoyable. 

Considering how different this year was and how it kept everyone on their toes, it leaves a burning question on everyone’s minds. What will next year be like? Joe Kramer on JV Lacrosse is hoping for “better and longer seasons.” Mustafa Alawad (JV Lacrosse) just wants “[a] normal season.” Many other responses mention how they are looking forward to the normal season too. 

Whatever it will be, we’ll find a way to keep the fire going.


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