Six Critically Injured During Paris Train Station Stabbings


By Armita Rohani

Paris’ metro system is large and intricate, and with more than 217,000 users every day, attacks are highly uncommon. However, an unprovoked attack caused six casualties and havoc in Paris’ Gare du Nord train station, alarming society and disrupting the morning rush hour train services. The suspect, a 20 year old man, first threw himself onto a victim outside the station and stabbed him with a homemade weapon 15 times, causing serious injury. He then progressed into the interior of the station and attacked four other civilians until an officer arrived. The officer was thrown onto the ground and also stabbed; however, these injuries were far less severe because of the bulletproof vest he was wearing. Screamings of civilians brought two other nearby officers to the scene, and as the suspect was stabbing the other officer, police shot him twice in the chest and once in the right arm. Investigators have currently not found any extremist links, and to much surprise, the suspect attacked silently and didn’t say a word during his attacks. He is currently undergoing surgery at a hospital and is in critical condition.

This situation would have been much more severe if police did not act quickly and arrive at the scene. Within minutes the suspect was captured, before he was able to cause any more casualties. Interior Minister Gerald Deramin praised the officers “for their effective and courageous reaction.” Investigators have been unable to obtain any information due to the suspect’s critical condition on this arbitrary and reckless attack.