Scientists Make a New Discovery About the Anteosaurus

Source: Alex Bernardini

By Ryan Chou

The history of Earth can be weirder than fiction. Millions of years ago, dinosaurs roamed the planet, but scientists have found out that before them, there were equally-scary creatures around too. 

Around the mid-Permian period, which was about 260 million years ago, the anteosaurus survived in Africa. Recently, it has been discovered that these animals were brutal hunters. Although it had heavy bones, the anteosaurus’s organs allowed it to move at exceptionally fast speeds to catch its prey. Oh, and keep in mind that they’re pretty much rhino-sized crocodiles.

As a matter of fact, combined with its carnivorous tendencies and bone-crushing teeth, the anteosaurus was a force to be reckoned with if you ended up face-to face with one; good luck if you tried running away from it, and if it cornered you, well, it’s over. 

This species is believed to have the unique ability of surviving both on land and water. Based on its anatomy, chances are, the anteosaurus was able to spend time in both places to fulfill needs such as mating. 

Remember, these have long-been extinct. If you plan on traveling to Africa, more specifically South Africa, in the future, coming across a vicious carnivorous rhino-sized crocodile should be the last of your worries. However, it is an interesting keynote of earth’s long history.