By Mariel Gousios

Psychics are seen controversially, some people truly believe in them while others claim they’re fake. Because of the disagreement in the validity of psychics, it’s very improbable that psychics would ever have a bigger role in society than the small shops set up where people can go to get their palms read. 

Well, that was before the show Psych, where a self-proclaimed psychic manages to get on the good side of Santa Barbara’s Chief-of-Police and gets hired to help with some high-profile cases. Most cases end up being a well-thought-out, funny, disaster. 

The comedy/crime/mystery show was directed by Steve Franks and started airing almost 15 years ago in 2006. In Psych, Shawn Spencer, played by James Roday, uses his observational skills and a photographic-like memory to convince his local police station that he’s a Psychic. Each episode he uses his skills to solve a different murder with his best friend from elementary school, Gus, played by Dulé Hil. While he frequently ends up wreaking havoc while trying to solve crime, he still ends up saving the day in the end. As Shawn says in season 7, “I’m good at what I do, and what I do is good, isn’t it?”  

The main attraction to this show is the comedy, like many other shows. Shawn Spencer is an eccentric person who makes the audience laugh with his childish manner. What sets this show apart from other comedy shows, however, is the execution of the jokes. Other shows get their comedy by putting their characters in uncomfortable situations, which can cause immense feelings of second-hand embarrassment in the viewer. Because the other characters aren’t quite 100% normal either, the show brings more laughter than embarrassment. The witty commentary between Shawn and Gus will make you laugh audibly at least a couple of times an episode, which, sadly, not every show can do. 

In addition to being hilarious, Psych is also thrilling. In each episode, Spencer goes through a process to find the culprit. However, the clues he uses to find the killer are fairly vague so it will keep you guessing throughout the 40 minutes. The whole eight seasons remain this way, with new and intricate crimes solved, and an entertaining script to keep you entertained. The episode rarely if ever seems repetitive because of the new characters introduced and the creative plots. 

One of the only downsides about the show is the slow storyline. Most of the episodes don’t have plot development, and if they do, it’s saved for the last five minutes. For at least the first five seasons you can watch the episodes in any order without being completely lost. This may be appealing for some, except for those who like constant character development throughout. However, the characters do still grow and develop throughout the show, just not as steadily as some may want. Although, for those okay with a slow burn, this show would be perfect. Additionally, it’s not as scary as other crime shows. Only one or two episodes a season are scary enough to frighten someone, so those unable to watch scary shows will be refreshed by this one. Someone older than 13, who likes comedy as well as crime/mystery shows would love this show. Because the show is set in Santa Barbara, and most episodes show the characters traveling through the sunny city, it may feel more natural to watch in the late spring/summer, although it’s fine to watch any time. It has 8 seasons of about 15 episodes each, so there’s plenty to binge on. Because of the well-written characters and episodes, I would give this show a 9/10 flames. As previously stated, there are only a few downsides such as the slow plot development, which the upsides more than outweigh. 

Psych is one of those shows that you can watch over and over again because of how long it takes to finish it. By the time you finish watching the show, you could rewatch the first couple of episodes to remind you where it started. Additionally, the intricacy in each episode makes it interesting even the second time around. Psych is a widely loved show and I agree with those who praise it. It leaves you feeling happier than you were before you started watching. Even though the show seems silly sometimes, you can still learn a lot from it, about friendship, life, but definitely not psychics. 


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