By Michael Ge

Source: Terry O’Neill/Getty Images 

Prince Philip died at the age of 99 on April 9th. Prince Philip was the longtime husband of Queen Elizabeth II with a marriage lasting for over 73 years. Prince Philip would be known for a lifetime of public service representing the British royal family at public events. Prince Philip was commonly referred to as the Duke of Edinburgh. He was the longest lived male member of the royal family.

Prince Philip was born in Greece on June 10, 1921. A descendant of the Greek and Danish Royal families, he and his family would be exiled from Greece in 1922. Prince Philip would grow up in the United Kingdom after he was exiled. In 1939, Philip would join the Royal Navy. He would serve as an officer in the Mediterranean and Pacific Theaters and was decorated for his service. 

Prince Philip would meet the future Queen in 1939 and they would be married in 1947. They would have four children, Charles, Anne, Andrew, Edward. They were second cousins once removed. Their marriage would be the longest lasting of any British monarch. Their marriage would endure decades and turmoil within the royal family.

Prince Philip’s funeral was organized under COVID-19 regulations and was socially distanced and limited to 30 attendees. Tributes would be made by members of the royal family and others. It has been reported that the Queen said the death of Prince Philip “left a huge void”. The death of Prince Philip has undoubtedly left a huge void in the United Kingdom.


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