Passing the Torch: Mrs. Azzarelli-Brown


By Mrs. Wagar

It is once again  time to pass the Torch! But first, a big thank you to Mrs. Roberts  who passed me the torch in February and for all the kind emails of congratulations. I am blessed to have such wonderful co-workers. 

The next Torch  recipient is one of the hardest working, kindest  individuals I know.  Please join me in congratulating  ….. Mrs. Azzarelli-Brown! 

She is doing a fantastic job in a position that had no model and created a program in place where students who need additional guidance want to be!! Mrs. Azzarelli-Brown is our East Language Lab Teacher and  helps students  with everything! She helps students with test-taking, study strategies and much, much more! She is their confidence booster.  She gives students a place they feel comfortable going to and asking questions. Kids want to be around her! 

 When she is not helping students in the language lab she can be found running through East to stop a school bus from leaving, so that a student staying to finish a test after school, can make his bus! What a way to get your steps in!

 Mrs. Azzarelli-Brown is compassionate and incredibly  hardworking and takes on any task she is faced with. She embraces any student that is placed with her and works hard to learn how to make a situation comfortable and best for their learning. Students are fortunate to have her and so are we!!

Please join me in congratulating Mrs. Azzarelli Brown as this months Torch recipient!