Not Getting Enough Sleep? Blame Early Start Times


    By Simon Li and Jonah Ruddock 

    Sleep deprivation is an all too common occurrence among high schoolers, especially at an academically rigorous school like East. For many, piles upon piles of homework stretch into the night, diminishing the hopes of a good night’s sleep. After a brief interlude from the drudgery, one must forge on at the crack of dawn. 

    The school day starts at 7:45 AM. Buses come around or before 7:00 AM, in the bleary bruise of morning. Often, the sun has not yet risen. Clouded by directionless anxiety and waves of self-loathing, the students begin their day. 

    Midterm week has brought the issue of sleep deprivation to the forefront with searing clarity. Adding the stress of studying for multiple cumulative tests and preparing projects to the already overwhelming load of work, family obligations, extracurriculars, and schoolwork has been difficult for many. However, this is not an