Nora Pillow Provides Snoring Relief


By: Gillian Marcus71e2Hoj70qS._SL1500_

We’ve all been there; we all know that one person who snores so loudly that they often wake you up from your quiet slumber in the next room over.  Whether it’s you who has done this or someone you know, a new technology called the Nora Pillow is a new possible solution for people who snore.

The “pillow” actually consists of two objects – an expander designed to work with any type of pillow that goes under your regular pillow case and an egg-shaped sensor, termed “Nora”.  Before you go to sleep, you simply tap Nora, which should be placed near your bed.  When you start snoring, Nora gently moves your head through the expander underneath your pillow case so you don’t snore and also don’t wake anyone up.  The insert underneath your pillow is padded so you can comfortably put your arm under the pillow, and its folding structure rises equally across the length of your pillow, so you can place your head anywhere.

Some people may question “Wouldn’t it be uncomfortable to have your head moving around all the time while you’re trying to sleep?”, but you actually can’t feel a thing.  You can sleep in any position and on any part of the pillow, and it will still work.  It even comes with a rechargeable battery which makes the Nora pillow easy to use on the go.

There’s also a modern twist to this invention: an iOS app.  The Nora app provides valuable insights into your snoring and sleep patterns; you can even receive overnight audio recordings and see the effects of Nora on the reduction of your snoring over time.  Nora is still fully functional without the app, but this allows you to better understand your sleep.

Clearly, this non-invasive, silent, and portable invention will make sleeping easier for anyone who lives with a loud snorer.  It’ll also have benefits for snorers themselves, as snoring is often linked with heart disease.  The pillow currently is set to cost about $239 and is available for pre-order.  It’s invention is definitely worth it, especially since sleep apnea machines themselves cost around $200 – $3000.  The Nora Pillow offers both a cheaper price and a more comfortable experience for sleepers all around the world.



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